About us

Purefusion Cannabis is dedicated to all things cannabis.

From the beginning, we formed our business model based on everyday wellness uses. We know that a life committed to wellness is greater than one focused on illness and believe that reaching for natural alternatives and plant-based products can enhance your long-term health and wellness, every day.

We provide turn-key cannabis processing solutions to help all Canadian license holders maximize and add value to their product offering.

Our mission is to produce and distribute the purest quality in the cannabis industry to become the worlds most trusted cannabis brand.

Our Founder

Dan Crosby, Founder / CEO

Dan is a highly respected entrepreneur and business leader who owns and operates multiple businesses in the Windsor Ontario area, and across North America.

From establishing and executing successful businesses, Dan demonstrates his extensive experience by materializing his ideas quickly and efficiently.

This knowledge has provided him with a proven formula for hand picking his team of professionals with new strategies that outline their experience in marketing, technology, business development and sales. 

Dan Crosby founded Purefusion Cannabis on a simple principle: to apply proven manufacturing strategies to the cannabis industry. Dan believes that the cannabis industry is plagued with companies that are focused on increasing hype with the aim to go public, and after driving the stock up, dumping it and moving on to the next venture – never to actually make great products.

As serial entrepreneur, having founded several successful businesses, all of which he grew by applying his proven growth strategies. Dan’s mission with Purefusion Cannabis is to combine manufacturing high quality products with lean business operations.