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Purefusion Cannabis is a Canadian cannabis processor, manufacturer and service provider to the Canadian cannabis market.

Since it’s inception, the company has focused on developing and acquiring diverse skills that contribute to the various processes, and formulations around cannabis processing and product manufacturing.


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Our services

Co-Packing Services

Purefusion now offers various formats of packaging and labelling including or excluding extraction services; Packaging, Bottling, Labelling, Filling, Capsules, Pre-Rolls & more.

White Label Services

Purefusion provides turnkey white label solutions for various cannabis products while optimizing your brand's unique offerings without personally investing in infrastructure and technology in the cannabis market.

Brand Lease Outs / Distribution

Purefusion is now offering leased space within its licensed site to established brands looking to bring their cannabis products to market. Our team can take care of the sales and distribution while your team operates out of our licensed space while controlling your proprietary assets, formulations and trade secrets.

Secure Storage

Purefusion has created a segregated 15,000sq.ft. secure cannabis storage room that adheres to all physical security requirements of the Cannabis Act and its Regulations. Your company's most critical controlled products can be safely stored, accessed and shipped when requested.

Co-Packing Services

Often times it is necessary to utilize large portions of your operational space to manage automated and semi-automatic packaging, labelling or bottling lines. While space may be constrained within your licensed facility, Purefusion now offers various formats of packaging and labelling including or excluding extraction services.

All activities with cannabis are completed within Purefusion’s licensed site while adhering to the requirements of the Cannabis Act and its Regulations.

By outsourcing your packaging and labelling needs, you are able to concentrate on more important aspects of your business, and trust that your unique packaging and labelling demands are met. Packaging, bottling, labelling, filling, capsules, pre-rolls

We provide packaging solutions for a various assortment of cannabis products, from beverages, to pre-rolls, soft chews and more!

Let our exceptional group of in-house graphic designers bring your brand’s vision to life.

Purefusion’s regulatory team ensures all in-house labelling is in compliance with the Cannabis Act and its Regulations while allowing your unique branding to shine.

Purefusion sources premium flowers from small batch micro-cultivation producers across Canada to create a diversity of pre-roll assortments. These craft pre-roll options can be available to your team for white label opportunities.

Custom edible formulation is one of the primary ways to differentiate your product in the eyes of the cannabis market. Purefusion’s in-house PhD Food Scientist will work with your team to develop exclusive formulations that suit your brand and specifications.

We can fulfill all your bottling needs: Cannabis oils, beverages and more.

At the heart of our operation is a knowledgeable and experienced team that can efficiently transform your idea into a shelf-ready, fresh and functional beverage product.

Cannabis oil and powdered capsules are some of the most convenient and discreet ways to enjoy and consume cannabis.

Let our team create your capsule formulation, encapsulate and produce compliant finished products.

Canadian Protein

Formula + branding + packaging + distribution

Canadian Protein is one of Canada’s highest quality sources to obtain various forms of protein, nutritional supplements, and natural health products.

They specialize in bulk sports nutrition powders, encapsulated products and various forms of nutritional supplements.

Tiger Tonics

Formula + branding + packaging + distribution

Tiger Tonics is PureFusion’s recreational beverage brand. Our vision was to create a disruptive edge to the current brands in the market that lack the creativity and enthusiasm behind highly popular cannabis beverages. 

Purefusion Health

Formula + branding + packaging + distribution

The human life expectancy has significantly increased over the last decade, and the elements to a healthier, longer life are among many things. Compared to traditional cannabis manufacturers, Purefusion Health’s vision was to create cannabis infused products mimicking the ever expanding existing health and nutritional markets. We believe you can make a difference in your health and habits by adding cannabis into your daily nutritional routine.

White Label Services

Purefusion has positioned itself to provide turnkey white label solutions for various types of extracted and edible products.

White label services provide convenience to license holders while becoming essential partners in unloading some of the burden and growing pains that craft and size restricted producers are currently experiencing.

Let our experienced team provide tailored products that can be rebranded for your future end consumers. White label solutions can help integrate your business’s distinct branding to offer a product or service without a significant investment.

The result: You focus on building your brand and products while simplifying the conversion path for your customers.

Stay updated on new products, services & more!

Brand Lease Outs – Distribution

Throughout the history of the legal cannabis industry, many legacy producers have not been given a fair opportunity to enter the legal market. Purefusion is now offering leased licensed space, sales and distribution services under their license to established brands that are looking to bring their products to market but have not been able to bring infrastructure and licensing to realization.

Purefusion’s facility has been designed to allow for the co-habitation of multiple product manufacturing to occur.

Our clients

Driving premium cannabis products for leading brands

Secure Storage

Multi Layer Integrated Security

Restricted & Controlled Access

Advanced Video Surveillence

With the increase of Cannabis 2.0 products coming to market, many license holders and producers have run out of compliant storage space within their licensed facility. Managing an ever-growing volume and variety of cannabis assets can cause a supply chain crunch that many have not anticipated.

Purefusion has created a segregated 15,000sq.ft secure cannabis storage room that adheres to all physical security requirements of the Cannabis Act while providing compliance with Good Production Practices.

Your company’s most critical controlled products can be safely stored, accessed and shipped when requested.

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